These last few months we have been talking seriously about the often toxic chemicals  (and pretty unnecessary ones if you ask me)  in beauty products today.  We have also been discussing the concept of slow beauty and taking time to nurture our bodies, minds and spirits by slowing down our beauty routines with activities such as abhyanga (self-massage) in order to reconnect with our bodies and giving our souls a chance to recharge.  If we take this time to care for ourselves we become more centered, happier, more relaxed and will be better mothers, wives, and friends.

I have been using non-toxic products for quite some time and I am very fortunate to be a beauty blogger (although I have been rather neglectful of Nurtured Beauty of late with no new reviews in a long while) who gets to try the latest and greatest products.  It’s been awhile since a new product has inspired me, unfortunately.  I am quite picky and I leave no room for any questionable ingredients so if a product contains any of my “black list”  (There will be a page for these ingredients very soon, I promise) then they go in the bin.

I do have a few shampoos and conditioners I love {Read Our Top Picks for Non-Toxic (and Healthy) Hair} that I trust to make my hair shine and bounce without “nasties”  and silicones.  I have tried baking soda.  (More on that later but let’s just say, after nearly a month of using it I did not love the way it stripped out my low-lights or dried my hair.)  I have tried and still love natural herbal powders like Shikakai and Aritha Powder which leave my hair clean and shiny.  They also stimulate my hair to grow quickly, which I love.

I have tried many brands of castile soap and, while I love using it around the house and as a body wash, I don’t like it in my hair.  No matter how many times I rinse with apple cider vinegar it leaves a “crust” on my hair. It reacts with our water.  I have been assured it does not do this with everyone.  If you are one of the lucky ones to be able to use it on your hair, I envy you.  I really do.  Castile soap appeals to my simpler side.  One stop shopping for the whole family and the house.  I will continue to love it, just not for my hair.

coconut milk shampoo ingredients

The only thing I hadn’t done until a week ago was make my own shampoo.  I had heard rumblings that it could be done, sure, but I had never done it.  I do, however, make my own homemade coconut milk.  You will find the recipe on our other sister site The Blissful Beet.  I decided I would google “how to make shampoo with coconut milk” because I know my skin loves coconut milk so why wouldn’t my hair?  The recipes I found all used castile soap which was just not going to happen, but, I remembered, I had some Tropical Traditions Virgin Coconut Soap in my cabinet.  I use this predominantly as a hand soap but it is very similar to a castile soap without (thus far) the buildup.

You know what?  It was fantastic.  Not only did it make a great shampoo but I washed my body with it too and it left my skin like silk.  It even worked on my hair after a night of oiling.  For those of you who pre-oil your hair and let it sit you already know it can seem like the oil will never come out.  It always does and very easily, but it can be a gunky mess when you first wet it and this dissolved the oil with ease yet left my hair soft and conditioned without any added conditioner.  I did give it an ACV rinse of 2 teaspoons raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar to about 2 cups of warm water and then rinsed it but this step is totally unnecessary.

A quick note on essential oils and this recipe.  You can use pretty much any essential oil you wish (no more than 10 drops of each and less if you use more than 2), whatever scent you like.  Tea Tree oil is really good if you have an itchy scalp.  Neem oil is really good for growth.  I love to create a rosemary, mint, and cherry bark extract scented one like Horst Rechelbacher used to make back before Aveda was owned by Esteé Lauder and they changed the formulas to something unholy and definitely NOT non-toxic.  (SHAME on you EL!!!)

Coconut Milk Shampoo and Body Wash
A simple but effective recipe that is cleansing and moisturizing top to toe.
  • ⅓ cup coconut milk (homemade if possible)
  • ½ cup coconut oil soap (Tropical Traditions makes a good one)
  • 2 teaspoons sweet almond oil
  • 10 drops lavender essential oil (or other oil of choice)
  1. Mix all ingredients in a jar and shake well. Pour into a squeeze bottle. Shake before use.
Recipe will keep about 2 weeks to a month (in colder weather) without refrigeration.