The lead in your red lipstick could cause cancer.  Benzaldehyde in your perfume is linked to kidney damage.  The methylparaben, propylparaben and all of their paraben friends in every skincare product on the beauty counter  are disrupting hormone production causing uterine, ovarian, breast and prostate cancer, not to mention killing thyroid function, contributing to adrenal fatigue and causing rampant infertility.

Have I scared you yet?   I hope so.  The list above is just a few of the ingredients and symptoms to which they are linked and I really wish I was being an alarmist.  The problem is not the perfume you wear.  It’s not the occasional red lipstick you wear out to dinner on date night.  It’s the fact that women compound these chemicals and wear several at a time every….single….day.  In the bid for your beauty dollars in a youth obsessed culture, companies are pouring potentially and known toxic chemicals into beauty and personal care products making your beauty routine, essentially, a toxic waste dump.

I won’t even get started on the fact that these chemicals that are supposed to erase lines, may actually appear to do the job, but cause a myriad of other problems.  The engine degreaser Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, found in shampoos, toothpastes, facial gel cleansers, household products and, oh yeah, engine degreaser, may be causing the thinning hair of which many men, and increasingly more women complain.  Of course that could be, also, the fact that SLS is also a hormone disruptor and those hormones are responsible for thick shiny hair.  But I digress.

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