Just last year doctors at Mount Sanai Medical Center in New York connected the dots between phtalates, chemicals used in more than 70% of all cosmetic and personal care items as well as a staggering number of conventional household cleaning products, and  the disruption of the delicate balance of hormones needed to keep the metabolism (the body’s weight control system) running smoothly.  Basically, when phtalates are introduced into and around the body, through the contact made by skin (the fastest way to the blood stream and first line of defense against foreign “intruders”), they throw the whole balance of hormones into a tizzy and cause hormonal issues such as insulin resistance.  Insulin resistance is one of the major causes of obesity in both children and adults today.

Insulin resistance has also been attributed to causing PCOS, one of the leading causes of infertility today.  Phtalates also put enormous strain on the adrenal glands which is, in a sense, knocking the body for a loop with a proverbial “one-two” punch as stressed adrenals mean not being able to handle stress (in an already stress filled society), which makes the stress response much greater, which taxes the adrenals even more leading to adrenal insufficiency, fatigue, and/or exhaustion which lead to even more hormonal disturbances as the cortisol levels soar and crash making the body even less able to handle the toxic onslaught of conventional products.

Has your head exploded yet?

Phtalates are, as I just said, in most conventional cosmetics and personal care products, generally not labelled (convenient, right?) as anything more than “fragrance” or “perfume”  and is in that lovely herbal shampoo and conditioner that promises to smell like a wild meadow in springtime and bring that cute guy in accounting to his knees.  Hmm.  I wonder if the creators of these toxic products have ever been to a meadow in the springtime!

Just so you know, phtalates are considered reproductive toxins that can affect the development of children both in the womb and after birth.  Pregnant women or those hoping to become pregnant, put down the shampoo bottle NOW!!

If that’s not enough, Bisphenol-A (BPA), a chemical compound in many plastics, is found to be an endocrine disruptor (the endocrine glands are responsible for regulating many vital bodily functions)  and an estrogen mimicking compound which can cause estrogen dominance (a major factor in infertility and the development of cancers such as breast, uterine, and ovarian cancers), and cause early puberty, early onset menopause, and weight gain.  Not only that but BPA can supress testosterone levels which can also lead to weight gain.

Guys, if you think this problem is only for women, think again.  Phtalates have been linked to poor semen quality in men and subtle changes in reproductive organs of male babies.  As if this weren’t enough these compounds can lead to obesity????  Is the FDA freaking kidding me they haven’t outlawed these compounds and executed the demonic scientists that created them?

To add insult to injury, these compounds responsible for leading factors of obesity are fueling the out-of-control diet industry with over 60% of Americans on a diet at any given time.  Those diets, which are often low-fat, lead to dietary vitamins and mineral imbalances.  This is most often a problem in the low-fat eating group which tend towards drier skin due to a lack of fat-soluble vitamins which are responsible for hydration.  To compensate for the extra dryness what do these dieters do?  Slather on more phtalate laden moisturizer……  compounding the problem.

If you factor in the main component of engine degreaser and floor strippers, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and it’s somewhat softer spoken but nevertheless as evil cousin Sodium Laureth Sulfate, whose main goal is to strip the hair of every trace of natural oil which is going to make it so much easier to sell you more chemical laden conditioner (with the added bonus of taking away all your scalp’s natural defenses against these chemicals making them ever so much easier to absorb) which will necessitate the need to buy a harsher still build-up remover from all the crap conditioners, deep conditioners, and hair masks you have put on it to undo the damage the shampoo capable of stripping every ounce of oil from a jet engine!

You can quell the onslaught of toxic chemicals and halt the attack on your health.  Eating a whole foods diet with plenty of organic vegetables and fruits, and, if you are an omnivore, free-range, wild and grass fed meats and dairy products, in season and as locally as possible will infuse the body with trace minerals and essential vitamins making a lot of cosmetic products unnecessary and will minimize your chemical intake.

There are also some fantastic alternatives to conventional shampoos and conditioners and other personal care items that are free of phtalates and other toxic chemicals making them better options in a well-rounded personal care routine.   {View Our Top Picks for Non-Toxic Hair}

If you are really brave or want to make a more dramatic change, join us as we embark upon the 30-Day No ‘Poo Challenge which will effectively ditch the shampoo and conditioner bottles and use only natural herbal powders and/or every day ingredients found in your kitchen.

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  1. DetodounLolo
    DetodounLolo says:

    Wao!! I checked you picks but none of them are sold here where I live. Nonetheless, I´ll statr reading the labels or look for organic products in the future. Thanks for sharing
    Hope you have a great week,

    • thedetoxdiva
      thedetoxdiva says:

      Many of these sites that I link to send internationally. If you can’t find one that you particularly love and want to try, message me and I will find a vendor to get it to you.

  2. Kristl Story
    Kristl Story says:

    WOW…what an eye opener! The mainstream media needs to pick up on this…I hope you’ll try to get more exposure for your article. HARO.com (Help A Reporter Out) is a great way to get publicity!

  3. nando
    nando says:

    after read your writing, I realize that I’m lack of awareness of shampoo contents. I’ll be more careful in using any kind of shampoos for avoiding those effects to my health.

  4. Brianna
    Brianna says:

    Thanks for this helpful information! I’m so glad I started using organic products, my hair is feeling a lot better because of it. I’m currently using a sulfate and silicone free brand called pro naturals moroccan argan oil shampoo, it’s definitely healthier than commercial brands.


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